Are you a passionate photographer who's struggling to capture leads and promote your artistry effectively?

As photographers, our canvas often extends beyond the lens, touching the emotional tapestry of our clients.

However, the threads of business growth and consistent income can sometimes become knotted in the hustle of managing and marketing.

Do you find yourself drowning in the countless tasks of managing bookings, photo editing, product delivery, and, oh, let's not forget the ever-so-vital - marketing?

✨ Worry no more, darling photographer, because

I've been there too! ✨

It was not long ago when the overwhelming intricacies of managing and marketing almost led me to almost hang up my camera. But, with the discovery of Powerful Sales Funnels, Strategic Marketing, and Automations not only saved my passion but propelled it to new heights!

Hi My name is Anika,

I'm your go-to gal for all things marketing and automation. With a deep love for creativity, an eye for detail and my experience a portrait photographer, I understand the unique challenges that photographers face in the industry. Together, we'll unlock the potential of your photography business!


Struggling to Build Your Funnel?

Let's Simplify It Together.

Building a successful marketing funnel can feel like navigating through a maze. You know your destination – more leads, conversions, and sales – but finding the right path can be overwhelming. That's where I comes in.

Whether you're stuck at the awareness stage or struggling with conversions, I am here to help you streamline your process, enhance your strategies, to help you achieve your goals.

Don't let funnel frustrations hold you back.

Use the calendar below to Schedule a 1:1 zoom discovery call with Anika today and take the first step towards a more efficient, effective, and profitable marketing funnel.

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Are you Looking?

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Location: Westchester, NY

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